A Meeting Of Heroes

Leoroar and Kadren entered the town of Algoran looking for fame and fortune to find there was a great deal that could bring them fortune. For starters there was the man yelling at a poor public servant about a witch that was blighting his land. There were also goblins and kobolds aplenty with bounties on them. Heading to the inne, the pair ran into Slaybright Hamfistson who promptly interrogated Leoroar about his opinions of the sun. Finding him agreeable enough the dwarf kicked in the door to the inne, breaking the frame and costing a gold to placate the innkeeper. There the group met up with Lord Edric who told them all about the witch who had been destroying his farm. Apparently she had blighted the land and caused his wife to go blind. Kadren was pretty sure he was hiding something, but they couldn’t pry it out of him even with a couple free drinks. The innkeeper had different things to say about the witch however. Apparently she had lived in the woods and had done anything to hurt anyone before. There were even stories of her helping people lost in the woods, although no one ever actually saw her.

After giving up on getting information from Lord Edric, they saw the truly strange sight of a moon elf walking through the broken door. While elves are generally tolerated in Algoran, this particular group was not fond of them. Despite Slaybright’s best attempt at intimidation the elf lady did not seem impressed. Maybe it had something to do with his height. After questioning this newcomer, who identified herself as Alexzis, they determined that she could be of use to them and invited her to join them on their quest.

The group decided to go after the goblins first and visit the witch on their way back. The traveling was so smooth and quiet that when they got to the edge of the forest where the cave was rumored to be they didn’t notice the small band of goblins until Kadren took one of their arrows. The battle was short lived and they found some good loot on the goblins as well as a trail leading back the way they came. Leoroar led the way with Slaybright tromping along behind while Kadren and Alexzis melted into the forest.

Before long they came to a cave where two sentries were half asleep on their watch. Intending to kill them while unaware, Kadren and Alexzis snuck up on the goblins and managed to take out one, but the the other was alerted before they could finish him off. The battle was quick, but it seemed the rest of the tribe had been alerted by the commotion. The group took positions around the cave for an ambush, but it seemed the goblins had the same idea and did not come out. After much deliberation and a few arrows flying past their heads they decided that Slaybright would go in first and the rest would follow with a torch. Unfortunately Slaybright took a nasty wound to the arm forcing him to retreat when the others charged in. This was a hard fought battle, but thanks to Slaybright’s healing skills no one fell to the nasty goblins. They decided to loot the bodies before clearing out the rest of the cave, but were interrupted by two stragglers who arrived too late to be a part of the ambush. These last two were the toughest of all. Perhaps they were better trained than the others, or perhaps the group was simply tired from all the previous fights, but in a series of strange events Alexzis managed to tangle herself in her gear and get spun around. Then when she fell back to get herself untangled and Slaybright stepped up to take her place he tripped on a vicious root and landed on his face getting blinded by the loose dirt. Fortunately Kadren managed to finish them off before the goblins could take too much advantage of the situation.

The group decided to finish clearing the cave before looting this time and found that it was already empty. They had succeeded in their first adventure as would-be-heroes and now all that was left to do was tend their wounds, loot their enemies and collect their hard earned reward.


6/10: I arrived in Algoran today and met a hunter who calls himself Leoroar (I’m just gonna call him Leo. He probably won’t notice anyways.) and started looking for mercenary work in town. found a couple of jobs, the most interesting of which involves a witch (no pun intended I swear!) We decided to go to the local inn to find some information on this witch. It wasn’t long after we arrived that my old training buddy Slaybright Hamfiston came literally knocking through the door. good times. Anyway, i sat down and had a drink with Lord Edric, who seemed to have a bone to pick with the witch. His concern seemed plausible, but I kept getting this nagging feeling that he was holding some information back. Unable to get anymore information out of him, I spoke with the barkeep who had a very different story to tell. My suspicion is that Edric wants something from her, and she refuses him. After talking to the barkeep, to my terror, I spot a moon elf come in to the bar. (I know that Algoran is a neutral city, but that doesn’t make elves any more trustworthy.) it turns out her name is Alexzis, and she is a no-good thief (or rouge, as she prefers to call it.— not much of a difference if you ask me.) anyways, for some reason we invited her to come along with us to raid a goblin cave on our way to speak to the witch. I bought a nice room for the night and slept under the comfortably under the bed.

The next day, we began to travel to the goblin cave. The days trek there wasn’t so bad, till I got shot. Oh! I almost forgot! I got to try that spell again, but I still haven’t learned how to control it properly. I wasn’t much use our response to the ambush, but i made it up later. When we found the cave, Alexzis and I were able to sneak up on a pair of lazy guards (fortunately she didn’t try to steal my gold.) as we approached the guards, we each drew our swords and stabbed the guards. That is, I stabbed a guard and she simply alerted the other. after dispatching the other guard, we heard more goblins coming from the cave. We hastily prepared an ambush, although after awhile it became apparent that they were doing the same thing. Eventually Slay got this great idea to scapegoat himself while we rushed in with a torch. Problem was, they got the better of him, and Slay was pinned to the cave wall by an arrow. We charged in after him, bringing the fight to the goblins. i killed one of these foes very easily (what do you expect from a trained fencer?) but took a few good arrow shots. When the battle was won, i decided to check the bodies for treasure. Bad choice it would seem, as two more goblins came around the corner. Alexzis got all tangled up in her cloak somehow (which a goblin promplty took advantage of) and Slay tried to hammer one, but tripped and fell face first into the ground. I hastily pierced one in the cheek, and Leoroar picked off the other (did I mention he is deadly with a bow?)Anyways, the cave is empty now, and we are going to lick our wounds and loot the cave. Tomorrow we head off to see the witch…

…Perhaps i can learn a little magic from her during our visit.

A Meeting Of Heroes

The Journal of Slaybirght Hamfistson, Cleric of Torag

Day 1

Dear Dwarven Diary,
I arrived in Algoran, and immediately began seeking out the cursed sun worshippers. I know they are here, I’m sure of it! The dream I had was clearly a message for Torag, and I am bound to enact his will. While I can’t recall the details, the overall message was pretty clear. Go to Algoran, Find sun-worshippers, Smite them.

As I was saying, I immediately began asking around town. The temple staff were clueless, babbling on about some end-of-the-world mumbo-jumbo. Rubbish, I said. They kicked me out. The guards ad shopkeeps were pretty useless as well, wondering who in their right mind would stare at the sun, let alone worship it. Sensible folk, but still useless.

Eventually, I headed to the tavern, where I stumbled upon my old training pal, Kadren! Turns out he was in the area doing mercenary work, and was hanging out with some tree-smelling guy by the name of Leoroar. Leo seems like a decent guy, but his candle isn’t quite as bright as most, if you catch my meaning. Pretty smart with a bow, though. Anyways, Kadren had some work lined up whacking goblins and that sounded like a gnomish blast! We picked up some sneaky elf lady to help spring any traps, Alexzis is her name.

Day 2

Dear Dwarven Diary,
This morning we headed out. Kadren was kind enough to buy us all breakfast and make sausage jokes about the Alexzis. She took it well enough. She may be an elf, but she’s got enough of a sense of humor to not be so bad. The goblins we were after were about a day’s walk away, and that went pretty uneventfully until Kadren found an arrow in his armor. Turns out three of the buggers had been hiding in the woods near the field we were crossing. The fight was on! It went pretty quickly, and I managed to get a good whack at one of them. Still some skull bits stuck to my hammer from that one. Further into the woods, we found the cave, and a couple more guarding it. They went down pretty quickly, but we alerted the rest in the cave. It sounded like they were all about to come storming out at us, so we tried to ambush them. Wouldn’t you know, the little bastards decided to stay inside and ambush us instead!

There wasn’t much we could do to get them to come outside, so we were left with no choice but to come in after them. I said a little prayer to Torag that got everyone pumped up, came up with wicked-clever plan, and went running in cause some damage, my pals close behind me!


Most of the bastards missed me, but that one jerk put an arrow right into the shoulder of my hammerin’ arm! Thankfully, the rest of the crew got in and screwed them up pretty good, but not without a few marks of their own. Alexzis got tangled in her own cloak for a bit, and got hit pretty bad, but by the power of Torag I was able to fix her up. Once we took care of the goblins that were in the room, we started checking the bodies, which was a mistake. Turns out there were more down the tunnel, and they were pissed. Leo and Alexzis nearly took care of them by themselves, but I got a chance to add another notch on my hammer, and took it!

Once again, OUCH.

It turns out there was a root sticking out of the floor, and I tripped on it as I was making my attack. I ate, smelled, heard, and saw nothing but dirt. Then the goblin smacked me on the back. Know that old phrase “adding insult to injury”? Well it was like that, but flipped around. Fortunately on of the others took him out while I spent the next few minutes washing the dirt out of my face-holes.

In the end, we did alright. 4 of us against 11 of them. Thank Torag nobody died, cuz I do NOT want to haul a corpse back to town. That’s like, a whole DAY of corpse hauling, and I’m pretty sure they start to stink way quicker than that. I’m not sure if any of this was part of Torag’s will. These goblins certainly weren’t sun-worshipers. I hope I’m on the right path…


A Meeting Of Heroes

Alexzis Journal Day 1 and 2

June 17, 2013 09:58

Day 1

Dear Diary
I have finally arrive in Algoran, it’s the first good thing that as happen to me in the last week. That pain in my side that I got from that man who found me sleeping in his barn as finally vanish. Some of the locals still give me harsh glares but to be honest it as lost it’s effect on me weeks ago. I also haven’t eaten since last night when I raided that farmer’s ice box.


I left my gold sack at the barn , all I have now in about 40 gold left. Thank God I that I always keep a few spare gold in my pocket at all times. But Still I need to find a job quick. This town seems to have a bounty board up and as far as I could tell my options were killing a bunch of Kobolds, kill a few Goblins or kill a witch… these people have a very simple way of dealing with their issues but I choose to go the middle ground and go to kill some Goblins it might be a issues just for me those.

After that I went to one of the local Tavern to restock and hopefully find some place to stay for the night. I guess that the owner didn’t really seen to care that I’m a Elf. I assume that he is one of those “ALL gold is good” Type of people, my favorite type. I didn’t even make it to my seat before a small group stop me. I thought it was a bunch of anti-Elves. But I was fairly surprise that they wanted me in their group t be honest I was touch expect for some of the slaver jokes they made but I need people to help me to get some gold into my pocket.

Kadren was one of them. He is a human and he seem not to like me the most and he was the one making most of the jokes. The next was another human, Leoroar I believe his name was, he seem to be the quiet one of the group and I still can’t tell if it’s because of his personality or the fact that he acts like his candle in his head went out a while ago. He also had a faint smell of pine on him I didn’t ask. The last one was a dwarf he seem pretty tense about me until he found out I wasn’t a Sun Elf. Apparently he hates sun worshipers, why would some one in there right mind look at the sun directly and pray to it was beyond me. His name is Slaybright go figure! He was the nicest to me those so i like his the most at the moment minus a few jokes there and there. I went to my room after and that jerk Kadren had to room next to me. He then proceeded to bang on my door to annoy me. He acts like a puppy looking for attention so I choose to ignored him as another resident yelled at him. Long day I’m going to bed!

Day 2

Dear Diary
The mourning came quicker than I would have liked to be honest. Kadren got us all breakfast expect for me he got me two sausages and made a slight joke about me. Yep he’s defiantly looking for attention like a puppy. Apparently they were going after the Goblin’s as well. Finally I believe my luck is finally going my way for ounce! The walk there was a bout a days length and it was really boring minus a few chit chat along the way. Than the Goblins actually attacked us! I was surprise on how clever their attack was heck they even was able to get a arrow in Kadren shoulder.He was mostly fine. We took care of them easily even I was able to get one. Apparently the dwarf is our healer surprisingly, the quiet one is our archer and the annoying one is the groups magic user. Weird! These Goblins weren’t as easy as I originally thought. Hope my group is ready. i choose to stay in the shadows alone I always preferred it. We found a cave up ahead it was obviously the Goblin’s considering they were guarding it. Not well but still guarding it. Really! I swear my luck I had earlier as left me. Not only did I hit a tree branch which stung. I also failed my assassination where Kadren Succeed I just wanted to Crawl in a hole and die. Bt I dealt with it.

We heard some more of those freaks charging through the caveat us and we set a ambush for them. those little assholes did the same thing and they did not even budge when we stood their for abut 5 minutes. So we went to come up with a plan the Dwarf said we should charge in and attach. better than nothing especially after we lost my only torch to see them. Slaybright made a slight pray to this Torag character and charge in and I and the others were right behind him. He seem quite prideful, well that was until a arrow went right into his shoulder which he use to swing his hammer. I swear that was the goblins favorite place to hit. I then got tangled up in my own armor. That is what I get for getting too excited I suppose but they covered me pretty well. But I was wounded pretty badly but thankfully Slaybright was able to heal me right up.

After we won we went to go check the bodies while Leo and I stood guard. Mistake on our parts as they attack us again. How many were in this one freaking cave. We mostly dealt with them and Slaybright got the last one. The fighting was intense and I believe Slaybright fell for a while but I didn’t really notice I wasa too focus on killing those little monsters. We beat them in the end. THANK THE GODS.

If I see another Goblin in my life it will be too soon!

I was happy no one was seriosuly wounded I think there were at least a dozen of them against the 4 of us. 3 to 1 and we still won. That reward sounds nice right now… that and bath. I was not sure but I’m actually getting attach to these guys. So I guess I will stick around for a bit longer who knows this might be a good thing for me.

A Meeting Of Heroes

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