The Best Laid Plans

After finally finding the witch’s house and painfully untraping the door, Kadren, Tashe and Alexzis decided to look around while the others set up camp outside. Inside was much what you would expect in a witch’s house, a large cauldron, several potions, herbs drying on the ceiling, and jars of various things best left undisturbed. Ta she was most interested in the potions and managed to identify a few including Mage Armor and Pox pustules potions. He then set out making a stew from the food the witch had left behind. Despite them tromping about her place, the witch still did not show up.
They decided to sleep outside and not set watches again,but in the morning both Leoroar and Slaybright had disappeared without a trace. In fact there were no tracks in the area at all. The other three discussed what to do next for quite some time, but an arrow halted their discussion when it thunked between Tashe and Kadren’s heads. Attached was a note that read “GET OUT OF MY FOREST.” Instead of heading this, the three decided to once again appeal to the witch to get her to reveal herself. Kadren and Alexzis suddenly fell asleep leaving only Tashe awake.
Tashe then entered the witch’s house and finally she came out to talk. After some pressing, she revealed that she was attacking Lord Edric because he had murdered her daughter. She asked that they leave her to her business and not get in the way. She then disappeared again and when the others awoke, Tashe told the others they should leave immediately.
Heading back to town he informed them of his discussion with the witch. They decided to attempt to go after Lord Edric themselves. Back in town they formed a plan to draw him out. Alexzis disguised herself and visited Edric’s estate. She tried to convince him that they had killed the witch, but she had turned into a bear and they could not retrieve the body for proof. She asked Lord Edric to return with her to see the proof. He was unwilling to go and they finally settled on sending his son, Sebastian, with two guards.
After Alexzis left with Sebastian and his guards, the others went to Lord Edric and told him that Alexzis was trying to take credit for killing the witch and was in league with a dragon. Despite his disbelief that there was a dragon involved he sent some of his best riders to catch up to the other group. Tashe and Kadren then managed to convince Edric to let them stay in the guest house on the property.
The riders were not very stealthy and Alexiz heard them coming long before they got to her and slipped off into the woods to make her way back to town alone that night.
That night Tashe and Kadren concocted a plan to get to Lord Edric and kill him in his sleep. They left the guest house to “get water” and stole a sludge hammer from the forge disguising it as a splint to get it back in the guest house. They then snuck out and attempted to get on the roof. Kadren made it with the hammer, but Tashe fell, bruising his tailbone and alerting the guards. They escorted him back to the guest house and doubled the guard there. Tashe attempted to put the guard to sleep so he could sneak out again, but this guard possessed an iron will and would not succumb.
Kadren decided to try to sneak in alone through the balcony. Unfortunately it was guarded and despite a beautiful leap from the roof to the balcony, he missed and had to fight. By the time he took care of that guard, others had been alerted, leaving Kadren in a terrible situation, alone, wounded and surrounded by guards.

In the Wilderness

After defeating all the goblins, our group decided to loot what treasure the goblins had in their cave and spend the night to heal their wounds. Most of the night passed quietly except Kadren’s watch where he briefly fell asleep, but nothing seemed disturbed when he awoke other than a fox running past the entrance. Upon waking in the morning everyone found that their injuries had miraculously healed overnight. While this was curious, they didn’t look too much into it. They also met a new companion, a man by the name of Tashe Goldkin who was also looking to kill the goblins from the bounty. As usual they were hesitant to trust him, but after an interrogation on his views on the sun, elves and drinking, the group accepted him into their little band.
Leoroar expertly lead the group south where they believed the witch lived and soon found a path that looked like it had been traversed by both a humanoid and a fox. However they were attacked by a pair of viscous wolves who seemed to not like trespassers in their territory. The first was quickly dispatched, but Tashe decided to knock the second out for Leoroar to have as a pet. The wolf was not fond of this idea, and though bound, tried desperately to escape. He seemed oblivious to the ranger’s attempts at calming him and kept running to the east. He soon led them back to the den where the final member of the pack was waiting and the group was forced to kill both.
Upon investigation inside, Leoroar found three wolf puppies and decided to keep them. Tashe convinced Kadren to put a deer skull they found on his head and run outside to scare the two waiting outside. Unfortunately a trained warrior reacts to being startled by attacking what scared them and Alexzis nearly killed Kadren with a thrust close to his heart. She promptly ran off and hid while Slaybright healed his friend now that the danger had passed. After some debate about who was at fault they decided to stay in the den for the night to heal wounds and cook the meat off the three wolves they had killed.
Again on his watch Kadren fell asleep briefly and woke up with his wounds mysteriously healed. Again deciding not to tell his friends about his newly developed narcolepsy, he shrugged it off. Alexzis also fell asleep briefly and woke up with a compass and a note with directions out of the woods next to her. They decided this must be the witch thinking they were lost and helping them. The only trace they found were a set of fox prints that led off a short ways and disappeared in a stream. They decided to stay another night at the wolf den and leave a note for the witch in case she came again.
Alas she did not take the note and the night passed quietly. So in the morning they all set off to follow the stream south in search of more fox prints. True to the note, in just over three hours they came to the road leading from Algoran through the forest. Fortunately they remembered that there was supposed to be a path to the witch’s house somewhere off this road and they set off to find it. Finding the path from this direction turned out to be easy as it was not well hidden. Leoroar spotted some tracks, both humanoid and hooves, but none fresher than 2-3 weeks old.
Following the path they easily found a log cabin in the woods that could only be the witch’s house. However, they arrived after nightfall and the house seemed dark and empty. Tashe did note some magical auras coming from inside. The garden out back looked as though no one had been tending it for a week or two. After some discussion about camping outside so as not to trespass, Kadren decided to check out the house anyway and was rewarded with an arrow to the shoulder for trespassing.

A Meeting Of Heroes

Leoroar and Kadren entered the town of Algoran looking for fame and fortune to find there was a great deal that could bring them fortune. For starters there was the man yelling at a poor public servant about a witch that was blighting his land. There were also goblins and kobolds aplenty with bounties on them. Heading to the inne, the pair ran into Slaybright Hamfistson who promptly interrogated Leoroar about his opinions of the sun. Finding him agreeable enough the dwarf kicked in the door to the inne, breaking the frame and costing a gold to placate the innkeeper. There the group met up with Lord Edric who told them all about the witch who had been destroying his farm. Apparently she had blighted the land and caused his wife to go blind. Kadren was pretty sure he was hiding something, but they couldn’t pry it out of him even with a couple free drinks. The innkeeper had different things to say about the witch however. Apparently she had lived in the woods and had done anything to hurt anyone before. There were even stories of her helping people lost in the woods, although no one ever actually saw her.

After giving up on getting information from Lord Edric, they saw the truly strange sight of a moon elf walking through the broken door. While elves are generally tolerated in Algoran, this particular group was not fond of them. Despite Slaybright’s best attempt at intimidation the elf lady did not seem impressed. Maybe it had something to do with his height. After questioning this newcomer, who identified herself as Alexzis, they determined that she could be of use to them and invited her to join them on their quest.

The group decided to go after the goblins first and visit the witch on their way back. The traveling was so smooth and quiet that when they got to the edge of the forest where the cave was rumored to be they didn’t notice the small band of goblins until Kadren took one of their arrows. The battle was short lived and they found some good loot on the goblins as well as a trail leading back the way they came. Leoroar led the way with Slaybright tromping along behind while Kadren and Alexzis melted into the forest.

Before long they came to a cave where two sentries were half asleep on their watch. Intending to kill them while unaware, Kadren and Alexzis snuck up on the goblins and managed to take out one, but the the other was alerted before they could finish him off. The battle was quick, but it seemed the rest of the tribe had been alerted by the commotion. The group took positions around the cave for an ambush, but it seemed the goblins had the same idea and did not come out. After much deliberation and a few arrows flying past their heads they decided that Slaybright would go in first and the rest would follow with a torch. Unfortunately Slaybright took a nasty wound to the arm forcing him to retreat when the others charged in. This was a hard fought battle, but thanks to Slaybright’s healing skills no one fell to the nasty goblins. They decided to loot the bodies before clearing out the rest of the cave, but were interrupted by two stragglers who arrived too late to be a part of the ambush. These last two were the toughest of all. Perhaps they were better trained than the others, or perhaps the group was simply tired from all the previous fights, but in a series of strange events Alexzis managed to tangle herself in her gear and get spun around. Then when she fell back to get herself untangled and Slaybright stepped up to take her place he tripped on a vicious root and landed on his face getting blinded by the loose dirt. Fortunately Kadren managed to finish them off before the goblins could take too much advantage of the situation.

The group decided to finish clearing the cave before looting this time and found that it was already empty. They had succeeded in their first adventure as would-be-heroes and now all that was left to do was tend their wounds, loot their enemies and collect their hard earned reward.

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