Character Creation

I would like all characters to have some kind of backstory. This should give the rest of us some idea of who your character is. It doesn’t have to be long, but you can write as much as you want and I will try to fit it into the story.
Some questions to help you with a backstory (these are stolen from another campaign)

What is your character’s goal for being an adventurer?

Where does your character want to be in three years?

Why are you traveling with this particular group? (You’ll probably want to consult with each other)

What is one important thing that happened to you in your past?

Who are two people from your past that are important to you? (They needn’t be friends or allies even)

Beyond that, whatever history you want to write for yourself will be good. I may give out an experience reward if you do a backstory depending on how detailed it is.

Character Creation

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